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Appnovation Technologies: Simple Website Approach Using a Headless CMS: Part 1

Drupal planet - ons, 02/06/2019 - 09:00
Simple Website Approach Using a Headless CMS: Part 1 I strongly believe that the path for innovation requires a mix of experimentation, sweat, and failure. Without experimenting with new solutions, new technologies, new tools, we are limiting our ability to improve, arresting our potential to be better, to be faster, and sadly ensuring that we stay rooted in systems, processes and...
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Emmy Awards 2018: Matthew Rhys surprises fans with accent

BBC news - 2 timmar 7 minuter sedan
Welsh actor Matthew Rhys surprised fans when he accepted his Emmy award in his native accent.
Kategorier: Europa

No-deal Brexit 'could make policing harder'

BBC news - 2 timmar 52 minuter sedan
Loss of the EU Arrest Warrant could make cases like the Novichok attack investigation harder, a police chief says.
Kategorier: Europa

Chemnitz unrest: German top spy Maassen forced out

BBC news - 2 timmar 58 minuter sedan
Germany's domestic intelligence chief is moved to another post amid a row over far-right violence.
Kategorier: Europa

Boy dresses like Black Panther hero "to feel like himself"

BBC news - 3 timmar 1 min sedan
Stephanie Hardy's son is picked on at school for his size but his confidence was boosted at a Comic Expo event.
Kategorier: Europa

Coventry bus crash: Kailash Chander was driving dangerously

BBC news - 3 timmar 5 minuter sedan
Kailash Chander was diagnosed with dementia after a crash which left two dead, a court is told.
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The Mirai Botnet Architects Are Now Fighting Crime With the FBI

Wired - 3 timmar 17 minuter sedan
In 2016, three friends created a botnet that nearly broke the internet. Now, they're helping the feds catch cybercriminals of all stripes.
Kategorier: Amerikanska

Westminster inquest: Security 'completely failed' stabbed PC

BBC news - 3 timmar 29 minuter sedan
An opportunity to save Keith Palmer's life was possibly lost, a firearms officer tells an inquest.
Kategorier: Europa

Russian aircrew deaths: Putin and Netanyahu defuse tension

BBC news - 3 timmar 32 minuter sedan
Fifteen personnel died when an aircraft was downed by Syrian fire after Israel launched an air raid.
Kategorier: Europa

London Fashion Week: Representation is 'still a problem'

BBC news - 3 timmar 37 minuter sedan
Strides have been made towards diversity on London's catwalks but is it enough?
Kategorier: Europa

'How breastfeeding on mountain race made me go viral'

BBC news - 5 timmar 2 minuter sedan
Sophie Power was pictured breastfeeding during a gruelling 106-mile race at Mont Blanc.
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Beyond Prisons — Episode 28: Prison Strike 2018

Firedoglake - 5 timmar 9 minuter sedan

Jared Ware joins episode 28 of Beyond Prisons to discuss this year’s prison strike.

Recorded in the midst of the strike on August 30, co-hosts Brian Sonenstein and Kim Wilson have a conversation with Ware about the strike’s progress, as well as the challenges of organizing and why the press is woefully unprepared to report on the action.

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Chocolate Lily: Managing Shared Configuration Part 4: Configuration Alters

Drupal planet - 5 timmar 14 minuter sedan

This is the fourth installment in a series presenting work on shared configuration that comes out of the Drutopia initiative. To catch up, see Part 1, Configuration Providers, Part 2, Configuration Snapshots, and Part 3, Respecting Customizations.

In the next installment we'll start to pull it all together, showing how all the pieces covered so far fit into a solution for merging in configuration updates. But first there's one more piece to add. In this installment we'll be looking at creating and updating configuration alters.

First off, what is a configuration alter?

An alter is an addition, deletion, or change to a piece of configuration.

When we're producing a several packages of shared configuration - what are often called feature modules - sooner or later we need a particular feature to modify configuration that was provided by another feature.

Say I'm producing a Drupal distribution that includes two different features: an event feature and a location feature. Any given site might install the event feature, or the location feature, or both, or neither. (A big part of the point of having distinct features is to make them optional and independent.)

In this example, say the event feature provides an 'event' content type with fields including a required 'date' field. The description of the event content type is: "An event takes place at a specified time." The location feature provides a 'location' content type.

But if I have both events and locations, there's a relationship between them. Events take place at a location. So on a site with both the event and the location features installed, the event content type should get an additional required field, "Venue", that's a reference to a location. When that happens, the description of the original event content type should change accordingly. Now it should read: "An event takes place at a specified time and place."

To make this happen, the location feature (or, possibly, a third feature) is going to have to alter the event feature's configuration.

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Jacob Rockowitz: Back to school and learning JavaScript, deeply

Drupal planet - 5 timmar 18 minuter sedan

Even though it is has been 20+ years since I graduated from college, every September I struggle to get back to work while also feeling inspired to learn something new.

This summer I took a rest from blogging about sustainability, but I kept on coding. I felt a little guilty thinking my blog might lose its momentum, yet somehow on the “work” side, I just kept on plugging away at the Webform module’s issues queue and managed to fix a bunch of issues and make some important accessibility and UX improvements.

Coding is what I love to do

As I charge forward toward a stable release of Webform 8.x-5.x by Christmas, it’s time to start thinking about what’s next for the Webform module. There are a lot of people in our community thinking and talking about the future of Drupal. Drupal and most Content Management Systems (CMS) are moving towards a decoupled and headless approach.

Beginning to think about headless Webforms and Form API (FAPI)

Webform and Drupal's Form API (FAPI) has to start supporting headless Drupal and decoupled websites and applications. The Admin UI & JavaScript Modernisation is beginning to think about and experiment with, how to make Form API work with React. React will provide us with a frontend framework to build the rich user experiences and applications that our clients and users need. Choosing a frontend framework is a big decision that necessitated a considerable discussion. React's a solid choice for a frontend framework but I’m not sure it should be the foundation for an Open Source reusable form builder.

If we could...Read More

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It's the Emmy Awards That Need a 'Popular' Category, Not the Oscars

Wired - 5 timmar 41 minuter sedan
A lot of great shows came up empty-handed last night; others weren't nominated at all. Here's an idea: Let's celebrate TV we *talk* about.
Kategorier: Amerikanska

Personality tests: Are you average, self-centred, role-model or reserved?

BBC news - 5 timmar 54 minuter sedan
Researchers identify four new types after studying the results of more than one million people.
Kategorier: Europa

Georgia Will Use Electronic Voting Machines This Fall As Paper Ballot Case Falters

NPR - 6 timmar 10 minuter sedan

A judge said such a paper ballot rollout would "seriously test" the capacity of election workers, and "swamp the polls with work and voters," leading to "disaffection and frustration."

(Image credit: John Bazemore/AP)

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China Sets Tariffs On $60 Billion In U.S. Goods, Retaliating Against U.S. Duties

NPR - 6 timmar 16 minuter sedan

Hours after President Trump announced tariffs on $200 billion in Chinese goods, Beijing responded with its own levies on $60 billion worth of U.S. products.

(Image credit: -/AFP/Getty Images)

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Democrats Want FBI To Investigate Kavanaugh Allegations. It Likely Won't

NPR - 6 timmar 27 minuter sedan

The Justice Department says, "The allegation does not involve any potential federal crime." That's ahead of high-stakes testimony scheduled Monday from Kavanaugh and his accuser.

(Image credit: Alex Wong/Getty Images)

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German Doctors Say It's 'Highly Plausible' Pussy Riot Activist Was Poisoned

NPR - 6 timmar 31 minuter sedan

Physicians in Berlin say that anti-Kremlin activist Pyotr Verzilov's illness does not appear to be caused by infection or disease. But they could not confirm what he was poisoned with, or by whom.

(Image credit: Odd Andersen/AFP/Getty Images)

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